Leisure Pools Esprit flat bottom fiberglass swimming pool

The Esprit™

Trim Design. Comfortable fit.

A variation of The Harmony design in that it offers full length bench seating with entry steps but built with a more trim fit for more demanding space considerations.

The Esprit 5.7 fibreglass swimming pool model

Esprit™ 5.7

5.7m Long by 2.25m Wide

1.35m Flat bottom depth

Trim Design. Comfortable fit.

The Esprit swimming pool model: key features
  1. Flat Bottom Pool
  2. Full Swim Channel
  3. Entry & Exit Steps
  4. Full Length Bench Seating

Gelcoat Colours

A beautiful and stunning range of colour options that allow you to stylise and customise your Leisure Pools swimming pool.

Silver Grey

Graphite Grey

Shimmer White

Ebony Blue

Measurements referenced herein are approximate and may vary due to enhancements in the manufacturing process made after publication. Measurements are from widest point on each side of outside edges and are provided as a guide. Please consult your Leisure Pools dealer for more detailed and most current information.