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Personal Stories: Nesting With Grace

There’s nothing quite like watching a Leisure Pool being installed. Measurements taken. A hole dug. A pool delivered and placed. And the anticipation of a Life of Leisure written all over the faces of a family.

Nesting with Grace is a blogger and Instagram personality based in Connecticut. For more than a decade, she has shared insights about maintaining and decorating her family’s home. This spring, amidst the stay-at-home orders and three young children to entertain, she and her husband decided to install a pool in their back yard. And fortunately for us, she blogged and filmed videos of the family’s experience with installing their dream.

Space was limited and so was their budget, so after much careful research, they opted for a fiberglass pool, specifically a Leisure Pools 30-foot Ultimate. Work began at the beginning of April and within a few weeks, they were enjoying their brand new pool.

Their experience, while unique to them, is a fairly typical installation of a Leisure Pools swimming pool. First, there was the prep of the back yard and the digging of the pool’s placement. The anticipation at this stage can be difficult, by the way. There’s this huge hole, the back yard is a mess and there’s no pool in sight.

But then… the pool arrives!

After squeezing its way into the back yard, the pool is gently lowered into place. This is when, for Nesting with Grace and her family, it started to become real. Sure, it was still cold outside and there was mud everywhere, but it suddenly wasn’t just a site plan, down payment checks and building permits anymore. It was an actual pool, going into the ground. Not long after, the pool was set and it was filled with water. It really was just that simple. All that was left was paving, landscaping and placing the patio furniture. Oh, and of course, diving into their Life of Leisure.

To read about Nesting with Grace’s experience with buying and installing her family’s Leisure Pool, click here, or watch her Instagram video to see more.

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