Did you know that when you choose a Leisure Pools composite fibreglass swimming pool you get to pick from seven brilliant colours? By having these colour options, it enables our swimming pool owners to select a colour that is special, appeals to them and fits the aesthetic of their home and backyard pool space.

These gelcoat colours even have have a built-in sparkle that sets off an added brilliance and shimmer effect. No matter what colour you choose, when the light shines on your pool, it will appear to have millions of diamonds scattered across the pool surface. Plus, the gelcoat colours have excellent UV, blister and chemical resistance and they’re backed by the largest of supplier of gelcoats in the swimming pool industry.

The Leisure Pools colour range includes Silver Grey, Graphite Grey, Shimmer White and Ebony Blue.

Silver Grey

Graphite Grey

Shimmer White

Ebony Blue

But, you’re probably wondering what these colours actually look like in pools!

1. Shimmer White

Shimmer White is a sophisticated colour, timeless and subtle in its beauty. Sure to impress and promote a sense of serenity and classic appeal.

2. Ebony Blue

Those who desire a deeper and darker color will love Ebony Blue. Your pool will look like stunning and sleek with rich blue hues.

3. Silver Grey

Silver Grey is a lighter shade, and as you can tell from the photo, provides a clear, pristine look.

4. Graphite Grey

Graphite grey is not quite as dark as Ebony Blue, and once water is added, provides a beautiful shade of blue.

For more information on the Leisure Pools Colour Range and visual examples, visit the Leisure Pools Colours page or contact us today to Get Swimming in Quality and Style!